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Simulink Model Configuration Parameters

Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration Process are tested in an IEEE Bus System using MATLAB Simulink Model. Contingency Analysis and optimal switching plan to restore electrical power to priority consumers are considered

Optimal placement of DG, EV, BESS, FACTS, Renewable Energy

Looking for optimal location and sizing of DG, BESS, Electric Vehicle (EV), Capacitor, Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind), FACTS, and DSTATCOM through MATLAB Script Coding explore the the link​

Power System Operation via ED, DR & Unit Commitment

Economic Dispatch of Microgird Incorporating Demand Response using PSO, DA, Optimization Algorithm. Through adequate scheduling of generating units, Unit Commitment aims at generation cost minimization

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Microgrid and Energy Management

β˜… Optimal Allocation of Microgrid β˜… Power Flow, Optimal Network Reconfiguration, Weighted Multiobjective Function β˜… BESS Dispatch through Backward Forward Sweep, Newton Raphson, Harmonic Load Flow
β˜… Network Loadability & Home Load Management 4, 10 Modules

Optimization Algorithms, Networks

β˜… Optimization: PSO, IPSO, GWO, GA, DA, ABC, FPA, CSA, BAT, WOA, SSA, IGWO, SOA, FPA, etc.β˜… Renewable, Sustainable Energy Sources: PV, Wind β˜… Network: IEEE Standard (Radial, Mesh) and Local Networks β˜… Renewable, Sustainable Energy Sources: PV, Wind, etc.