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Looking for optimal location and sizing of DG, BESS, Electric Vehicle (EV), Capacitor, Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind), FACTS, and DSTATCOM this Matlab Programming website is perfect for you.


# Successfully Complete Projects #

Renewable Energies implementation Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Biomass Units

Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS)


# Ongoing Projects #

Microgrid Power Sharing, Network Reconfiguration Based on Tie Switches


# Optimization #

==> Particle Swarm Optimization PSO

==> Genetic Algorithm


# Case Studies/ Networks #

==> IEEE 14, 33, 57, 69 


In this platform, you will be get efficient MATLAB programming and Matlab Coding services for the topic of your choice. As a Matlab Expert, Script Writer, and Programmer with experience of over 5 years in Academic as well as Business environments, I can provide quality services to you in MATLAB programming on:


·      Matlab Simulation

·      Matlab Script

·      Matlab Coding

·      Matlab Simulink


This gig is perfect for you and below are the features you can expect.

·      Quick Response to your questions

·      Project Report

·      Further Modification


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