Controller parameters tuning of DE algorithm and its application to LFC …

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I have used the following paper multi-area system and applied another algorithm to it. In addition to the paper, I have analyzed its robustness by a change in two different parameters of the system, R (governor speed regulation) and B (frequency bias parameter). In addition to HVDC link, I have considered SMEs. The algorithm I have used is SCA and the paper’s algorithm is DE (differential


A novel population-based optimization algorithm called Sine Cosine Algorithm (SCA) has been adopted to solve optimization of automatic load frequency control (LFC) of a realistic power system with multi-source power generation is presented. The sensitivity analysis reveals that the proposed controller is quite robust and

optimum controller gains once set for nominal condition need not be changed for ±25% variations in the system parameters and operating load condition from their nominal values. The dynamic performance of the proposed controller is investigated by integral of time multiplied absolute error (ITAE) cost function.

Keywords: Automatic generation control, Multi-source power system, superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES), Sine Cosine Algorithm (SCA)

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** For the sake of brevity, I just have compared the results. To access the full code,

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