Optimal dispatch for a microgrid incorporating renewables and demand re…

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Hello everybody ;),

Paper title:

“Optimal Tuning and Comparison of Different Power

System Stabilizers Using MFO Algorithm”

In this Simulation, a powerful optimization algorithm is used

for optimal tuning of different types of PSS to stabilize a

synchronous machine connected to an infinite bus (SMIB).

The robustness of each controller has been evaluated via

four different types of error criteria and the coefficients

optimized by the Moth-Flame Optimization algorithm which

provides the reasonable solution.

By analyzing the results based on the solutions given by

MFO algorithm, the excellency of this algorithm in solving

such problem is obvious.

The capability of each controller for damping, when acting

alone, may be a matter of concern, too. Finally results

obtained for each controller due to different criteria, have

been compared to show the operational results of each


Keywords: PI, lead-lag, PID controller, MFO Algorithm,

Power System Stabilizer

Results obtained by MFO for different controllers:



criteria K PSS T 1 T 2 Cost

IAE 15 0.48287

6 0.001 3.83E-05

ITAE 7.7441 7.76099 0.001 1.46E-05

ISE 15 4.81986 0.001 1.75E-09

ITSE 5.1319

2 11.5126 0.001 6.95E-08



criteria K P K I K D Cost

IAE 14.999

6 1.66149 5.87178 3.50E-05

ITAE 15 1.48013 5.11603 8.57E-06

ISE 15 15 15 2.23E-09

ITSE 15 15 8.6936 4.46E-10



Criteria K P K I Cost

IAE 9.213

7 0 0.00046

ITAE 8.4 3.5 0.0016

ISE 10.98 2 4.34E-08

ITSE 9.19 6 8.04E-08

Although I have written the code for all three controllers, but I

will show you just one of the controllers for different criteria.

Good luck 😉

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