Getting Started with Matlab

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  • Overview: MATLAB is a 4th generation programming language developed in 1987 by John Chamber at Math Works. It is an open-source programming language for scientific, technical, numerical, and engineering problems.

It is supported by many updated and modern browsers like Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc. 

  1. It has a user-friendly interface.
  2. Support domain-specific language, which means there is no need for C++ or Java.
  3. It controls the flow of programming with its functions.
  4. It contains a vast built-in library of functions used for Linear Transformation, Fourier analysis, Differential Equations, load flow analysis, etc.
  5. It is free, open-source software for academics. 

Engineers widely use Matlab programming software in electrical and civil engineering to perform simulations using mathematical models.

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  • What is Simulation Software?

A Matlab simulation program has become an essential tool for engineers. They can now efficiently perform simulations without spending much time manually calculating numbers. Matlab Simulation Software helps engineers solve their problems by providing them with the necessary tools to analyze their designs. 

It speculates the behavior of the system and assesses new designs. It also diagnoses if there is any problem. To run Simulation, it needs a mathematical model, which can be a block diagram, schematic, state diagram, etc.

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  • Types of Simulations:

Time-Based Simulation:

For Time-Based Simulation in Matlab, we need the mathematical model and then its implementation.

Simulink is Matlab based graphical programming interface that is used for simulations and Model-Based Design.

  • Event-Based Simulation:

Event-based Simulation is used to model a system’s behavior by simulating events’ effects on other entities or variables. Event-based Simulation is often used for modeling biological systems, load flow, and even stock market fluctuations.

State flow is a state-based programming language that provides an object-oriented programming paradigm. It is similar to object-oriented programming (OOP), but each object has its state, and the program is executed by iterating over the state of each object in turn. State flow is used for modeling and simulating design logic. It is used within Simulink. 

In Matlab, sin events are another way to visualize your code execution by creating a plot using the figure command. The figure command can be found in the graphics menu in the Matlab environment.

To create a sin event, you must first create an array called a sin event. Then you need to fill this array with data points. Each one should represent one execution of your function.

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  • Physical System Simulation:

The Simulation of physical systems is one of the most common uses of simulation software. This type of Simulation is often used to help understand process flows and how they work. The simulations can also predict outcomes and determine whether a given process is likely to succeed or fail.

Physical system simulations are often used to predict results using mathematical equations that describe how different variables affect each other. For example, if you want to know what would happen if you increased the temperature of a gas, you could use this type of Simulation to find out.

Simscape is used for modeling and simulating multi-domain physical systems.

Simscape tool is a software package that allows users to create and run simulations in Matlab. The simulator is used for creating and running simulation models, which are created using Simulink. The platform provides an object-oriented approach to modeling, allowing engineers to create models using blocks called components representing physical entities such as motors, valves, etcetera. These blocks can be connected using wires to behave like real physical objects when performing actions like turning on/off.

  • Simulation Deployment:

In this Simulation, we will use Matlab as our primary programming language. We will use the Simulink block diagram tool to develop our simulation model. The model we will develop will be used to test an algorithm for recognizing a face.

Matlab Simulink compiler is a tool that converts MATLAB code into Simulink models. The compiler also provides a way to generate model inputs, outputs, and parameters for the model. If you want to ensure your code is compatible with the Simulink compiler, you can use it as the input to your simulation5.

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Uses of MATLAB software:

  1. Signal processing
  2. Optimization of functions
  3. Control system design
  4. Image processing
  5. Audio processing
  6. Machine learning and deep learning.

Advantages of using MATLAB Software:

  1. A high level of compatibility with its host operating system
  2. Ease of use for non-programmers
  3. A large body of freely available add-on packages.
  4. It can be used for data analysis such as statistical analysis or even data visualization. It has built-in tools such as Statistics Toolbox (STK)
  5. MATLAB code can be used to create simulations of complicated physical phenomena such as fluid flow or solid matter movement.
  6. Errors can be fixed easily.

Disadvantages of using MATLAB:

  1. It requires much time to be installed.
  2. It is time-consuming software.
  3. It can be expensive for regulars.
  4. It doesn’t work efficiently on slow computers.

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From the above discussion, it is concluded that MATLAB is a highly professional programming software used by engineers in fields like electrical, mechanical, and civil. This is user-friendly software with many simulation features, which have made the life of programmers and engineers relatively easy. It has one major drawback that is it’s pretty time-consuming. Single Simulation may take several minutes to perform.

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