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Muhammad Raza is the owner of the website, and my personal email is
I am responsible for the content, design, and overall performance of the website, and I work to ensure that the website provides valuable and useful information to its users. I am committed to maintaining the credibility and integrity of the website and to providing a positive user experience for all visitors. As the owner of the website, I am accountable for the website’s performance and strive to continuously improve and update the website in order to provide the best possible experience for our users.

Terms & Conditions:

We are working as a team, having different Entrepreneurs, Doctors, and Programming Experts. We have Professional Experience of around 5-7 years, using MATLAB Script, Simulation, and DIgSILENT. We have successfully completed more than 50 major projects and our strong areas are mentioned below,

★ Optimal Allocation of DG, EV, BESS, DSTATCOM, Capacitor,

★ Power Flow, Network Reconfiguration, UC, ED, 

★ Optimization: PSO, SSA, GA, ABC, IGWO, SOA, FPA, etc.

★ Load flow: Backward Forward Sweep, Newton Raphson, Harmonic Load Flow

★ Renewable, Sustainable Energy Sources: PV, Wind, etc.

★ Network: IEEE Standard (Radial, Mesh) and Local Networks

★ Renewable, Sustainable Energy Sources: PV, Wind, etc.

Recent Projects: Home Load Management, Weighted Multi-Objective Optimization, Network Loadability, Substation Optimization, Demand Side Management, etc.

We offer two kinds of services; your work will be remained confidential.

ServiceExisting ProjectsNew Projects 
Discussion Time12 – 3Days
Video Explanationn/aIncluded
Queries Assistance760Days
Delivery110 – 15Days
Estimated Budget75 $150-350 $US $

Note: We offer further modification as well.

✅ For new projects share a reference paper and write a detailed description

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